The Spacedrum® belongs to the Trinidad steeldrum and Hang family (the Hang is made in Switzerland by Panart® and has been distributed by Djoliba during 5 years). It’s a french designed melodic metal percussion. With this multimedia section you can discover different uses in various musical contexts.

Many artists, musicians, educators and art therapists are regularly pleased to unveil new possibilities with Spacedrum. Feel free to visit this page to discover new publications of videos and sounds on the world of handpan, steel tongue drums and all musical instruments invented or developed in our workshops. The Spacedrum belongs to the family of handpan. The Metal Sounds team has spent a lot of time and energy to create a finely crafted and reliable stainless handpan.

“Deep sky” Spacedrum Evolution by Steve Shehan

“Si♭” Spacedrum Evolution by Steve Shehan

“Deep sky” Spacedrum Evolution by Claudio Spieler

“Deep sky” Spacedrum Evolution by Marc Guilliou

“Hitzazkiar” Spacedrum Evolution by Steve Shehan

Spacedrum Evolution 13 notes (chromatic) by Steve Shehan

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