Designing quality handpans requires real experience (knowledge of steel, mastery of formatting techniques, physical and acoustic experiments, etc.). In consequence Metal Sounds has been conducting research in this field since 2006. At length as one of the pioneers in the manufacture of handpans, our expertise is recognized worldwide. Our team now make two handpan lines with distinct sound and aesthetic characteristics. So our brands are: Spacedrum Evolution® & Spacedrum Nitro®.

SPACEDRUM EVOLUTION® – Stainless steel handpan

Owing to our stainless steel alloy and our method of manufacture make Spacedrum Evolution® a unique handpan. In effect, the brands Hang®, Halo®, Yishama®, Asachan®, Spb®, Ayasa®, Shellopan® etc, offer instruments built differently.

Stainless steel handpan Spacedrum Nitro with 8 notes

We only use 1.2 mm stainless teel sheets for the top shell. The notes shaping is specific to this instruments line and our shells are welded. Because of the combination of these elements gives the Spacedrum Evolution ® its unique acoustic character.

The Spacedrum Evolution® is a handpan with a powerful sound and rich in harmonics, whose shaped curves provide excellent ergonomics of play and easy transport. Its main assets: it is very easy to play, the tuning is stable, its maintenance is limited with a perfect protection against rust (stainless steel) and its design is resolutely modern.The Spacedrum Evolution® line comes in 3 sizes with diameters of 48 cm, 55 cm and 60 cm. The number of notes ranging from 6 to 13 depending on the models.

The modes are diatonic, pentatonic and even chromatic. Harmonized scales make our handpans intuitive melodic percussions that require no musical knowledge.

Of course they are very suitable for professional musicians, conservatories, national education, but above all for music therapy, sonotherapy or relaxation.

Technical settingsStainless steel handpan Spacedrum Nitro with 9 notes

Material: Stainless Steel
Diameters: 48 cm / 55 cm / 60 cm
Height of top & bottom shells: 12,5 cm (5″)
Thickness of top shell : 1,2 mm
Weight: 3,4 Kg to 5,4 Kg
Number of notes: 6 to 13
Damper: removable rubber profile
Treatment: thermical
Maintenance: home made Bio natutal wax
Deluxe carry bag included

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SPACEDRUM NITRO® – Nitrided handpan

The latest creation of METAL SOUNDS, the Spacedrum Nitro® is a real versatile handpan! Here the construction method is based on oval notes and dimples (buttons) shapping and the shells are glued. Most important, our steel sheets of 1.2 mm are treated for a better resistance to shocks and corrosion (nitriding).

Nitrided handpan Spacedrum Nitro 10 notes

So the Spacedrum Nitro® combines all the qualities required of a high-end handpan with a good dynamic range and a balanced sustain. The crosstalk (resonance of the notes between them) is well controlled and the harmonics are easy to play.

Also, the percussive sound produced by the palyer on the side of the handpan (Tak) is clear while the Ding note stay deep and rather short. Obviously musicians will be able to appreciate the full extent of its possibilities and its unique sound.

In addition its harmonized ranges and its diameter of 55 cm make it an instrument very easy to apprehend for novices. Indeed, no need to master music theory or practice music to play because of the instrument is accessible to all.

Its bluish gray hues and satin surface finish make Spacedrum Nitro® a handpan with a refined design. The models currently manufactured have 9 notes (8 notes + 1 DING) or 10 notes (9 notes + 1 DING) and come with a deluxe carry bag.

Technical settings

Handpan Spacedrum Nitro 10 notes

Material: Row steel
Diameter: 55 cm (22”)
Height of top & bottom shells: 12,5 cm (5″)
Thickness of top shell : 1,2 mm
Weight: 4.5 kg
Damper: removable rubber profile
Treatment: nitrided
Number of notes: 9 & 10
Maintenance: home made Bio natutal wax
Deluxe carry bag included


Note: the colors can vary a little bit as each instrument is hand-made, so unique.

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