Metal Sounds offers a high quality range of accessories specially designed for handpans. You need advices to maintain your handpan or to choose the best accessories? Our staff will help you to make the right decisions according to your needs and means. In order to complete your set, Metal Sounds present the essential standard accessories: carry bags, stand, handpan-sticks, gloves and also the methods to learn handpans.

Bags for handpan

Protective and transport bag for handpanSoft deluxe carry bag for handpan (backpack system). Use a good protective bag for your handpan is important because these instruments are fragile.

Metal Sounds offer a thick bag with external cordura nylon. A fiber layer is positionned just under the top face for protecting the top shell with the notes. Easy to carry, including 2 large net pockets on the top and 2 small velcro pockets on straps.

Also the bottom is reinforced with rubber special part.


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Stand for handpan

Adjustable support for a handpan

Standard stand, collapsible and adjustable, for handpans.

The handpan is often played sitting down on his legs. However, using a stand gives the musician more freedom of movement.

If you want to play on stage or add your handpan to a percussions set you need to use a sant. On the other hand the instrument placed on a stand will restore all its sound power.


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Gloves for handpan

All handpans can be played with gloves.Gloves for playing handpan

It’s really pleasant to touch and play a hanpan with gloves because the sound of your instrument change. The sounds of the notes are shorter, the volume is reduced and the general atmosphere much more muffled.

A small add-on really interesting to used!

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Sticks for handpan

Chopsticks for playing handpan

The Spacedrum can be played by hand or with suited sticks.

The technique of playing with sticks is radically different and sensations too.

Moreover, the resonance induced by the contact pads and latex attack notes bring a new dimension to the instrument varies depending on the type of buffer used. We have therefore designed several sticks to enable you to understand various playing techniques and types of stamps.

The model “dual” functions include a playing technique using 4 tips.

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Methods for handpan

Master the Handpan - Online Handpan CoursesPerfect your game, learn new melodies, discover other rhythms …

To progress in your practice of handpan, nothing like relying on a learning method. Many media exist such as books, DVDs or online courses.

Discover for example Master the Handpan a very good online method made by our partner David Charrier.

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