About of Team Metal Sounds

Since its creation in 2011, Metal Sounds designs and manufactures handpans (trademark Spacedrum®). In addition, in 2014 we invented a steel tongue drums (registered trademark Zenko®).
Made up of people coming from different backgrounds, the Metal Sounds team is bound by a real passion, music.

It is built and works around common objectives: To live a professional adventure in the respect of the human on the one hand, and to like to do good work on the other hand.  We are proud of this approach and work every day at your service in our workshops, keeping in mind our motto: “Passion, Quality, Integrity“!

We manufacture your handpans and steel tongues in the south of France. If you want to visit us to try instruments, make an appointment, you are welcome!

The Metal Sounds’ team is now composed by 8 persons

  • Cédric Aimé | CEO
  • Marc Guilliou | Sales manager
  • Philippe Maignaut | Spacedrum manufacturing manager
  • Elie Dacenko | Zenko manufacturing manager
  • Julien Barker | manufacturing and tuning
  • Nathanael Guignet | manufacturing and tuning
  • Sylvain Nicole | manufacturing and tuning
  • Florence Marteau-Dulatier | accountant

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