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The handpan: an instrument of the 21st century

Passionate about music and percussion instruments, our team has been designing and manufacturing handpans with remarkable specificities since 2006.

First manufacturer of handpan (pantam) in France, Metal Sounds innovates both technically and in the models offered. In accordance with our quality charter, the materials and processes used differ according to the acoustics and aesthetics required (stainless steel or mild nitrided steel). Thus, Spacedrum Evolution® and Spacedrum Nitro® are the result of many years of research and development in the manufacture of handpans (sound sculptures). Therefore, respect for our values and our commitment to our customers are based on a principle of mutual trust.



Richard - Minnesota, USA

I bought the pentatonic Spacedrum. I think this is a really fantastic Instrumemt. The sound is Amazing and so beatiful. And I dont play the Drum, the Drum Plays me. I Cant describe it better. Thank you for making such a great instrument. The sound is just so beautiful and relaxing. We are quite impressive with the quality and practicality of the bag too. It really was worth the long wait. Many thanks, Marc. A brilliant instrument!

Aaron - New York City, USA

I was one of the first few customers to ever purchase a "Deep Sky" spacedrum. The sound is so intoxicating. It has become my way to relieve stress. Sort of like musical therapy. This instrument sets you apart from so many other musicians because it is so rare. This instrument will change your life. If you play it everyday, you will not stress about things anymore. What is the price you would pay for your own health and well-being? I can tell you that this drum is worth every dollar you pay for it.

Marion - Therapist, Portugal

I am so happy that i orderd Deep Sky can't wait to start playing and the person on the phone so patient explaining me all Well worth the wait. Pure pleasure to play!! THANK YOU FOR CREATING SUCH BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTS!

9 notes Spacedrum Nitro® video

Miloon, multi-instrumentalist and percussionist plays on a Spacedrum Nitro® Equinox. -/- Use headphones for good listening -/-

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